Together they blossomed- bilingual book by Elisavet Arkolaki

Together they blossomed, Elisavet Arkolaki


sono qui oggi a parlarti di una nuova pubblicazione, una nuova avventura di Elisavet Arkolaki.

Ho avuto modo di conoscere Elisavet un anno fa quando ho iniziato a lavorare come ambasciatrice del progetto PEaCH for bilingual children, ed è  infatti anche grazie alla sua generosità che abbiamo potuto realizzare il progetto "Stories in multiple languages"(puoi infatti godere della lettura di Cousins Forever e Happiness Street in differenti lingue).

Elisavet, avrai capito, è una scrittrice, una imprenditrice e proprietaria del progetto Maltamum.

Ho pensato di fare due chicchere con lei per presentarti questa sua ultima opera, in cui ho avuto il piacere di partecipare ed essere parte del team dei correttori di bozze per la versione in italiano.

Together they blossomed,bilingual book, Elisavet Arkolaki

Una bellissima storia d'amore, accompagnata da fotografie che riportano indietro nel tempo, un libro pieno d'emozione e sentimento, ma è arrivato il momento di lasciare la parola a lei:

Jessica : 

Hi Elisavet! Thank you so much for your time!Tell us about your new book


Hi Jessica, than you so much for inviting me for this interview. 

"Together They Blossomed" is not really a new book per se. It’s a short love story with a happy ending that I published two years ago as a gift for my husband's 40th birthday in place of a card. 

It's a beautiful and timeless book that shares the universal story of a boy and a girl who fell in love, alongside stunning, fine art photography by Sandra Rogers. It reads like a picture/photo book with a photo on the left and the text on the right side of each page spread, but it has been crafted with an adult audience in mind. What's new though is that it just got published in bilingual editions English-Italian (thank you so much for being one of the proofreaders), English-Spanish, English-French, and in a few days English-Greek, and that the whole story (in English) got sung by Anna Lullaby and recorded with original music by the musician and composer Elias Negrin; cannot wait to share with you all the latter .


 Wow! Amazing Elisavet sounds very interesting! Why did you choose the bilingual format?


I thought it might be a good idea to publish this book in particular in bilingual editions as a way to say “I love you” to someone we love in his/her language + English which is often the common language for many couples of mixed ethnicities. When my husband proposed to me many years back, he gave me a personalized book; he had written the "About the author" section in Norwegian where he described how he saw me and why he loved me, and then he translated it on the spot for me. Precious memories .


Tell us about your personal bilingual adventure.


I was raised in a monolingual environment with Greek being the family and community language, but both my parents spoke foreign languages (my mum in particular is fluent and was working in an English-speaking environment) and I started studying languages (English and French) from early on. Later on, I studied in French for my first degree (bachelor in French Language and Literature/Philology) and in English for my masters (MSc in Global Marketing), and I've lived in different countries as an adult which resulted in English becoming one of the languages I now feel as one of my "own" and no longer "foreign". That's a direct outcome of using this language on a daily basis during the last 15 years, and naturally using it to form meaningful relationships with friends, my -now- husband, at work. 

Our kids are raised with three family languages, and they've been raised in a multilingual environment since birth. They're accustomed to hearing people speaking different, and more than one, language so their normal is much different than what I experienced as a child. We all learn along the way.


Thank you so much Elisavet!


Thank you Jessica!

Together they blossomed, bilingual book,Elisavet Arkolaki

Ti lascio anche i suoi riferimenti social dove potrai parlare direttamente con lei:

Gruppo facebook: Elisavet Arkolaki's Behind The Book Club 

Pagina facebook Maltamum

QUI puoi trovare i suoi libri : Where am I from?, Cousins Forever, Happiness Street, How to Raise Confident Multicultural Children.

Spero che ti sia piaciuto conoscere un po' di più Elisavet.

A presto!


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